Kate Festival - features Cham culture

18/12/2019 1265 view
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We are constantly refreshing ourselves, bringing local experiences to visitors and enjoying the value of life through unique culinary programs.

Along with the fun and unique atmosphere of the Kate festival 2019, Poshanu Resort organized a tour for domestic and foreign guests to visit and visit the historic site to promote the precious traditional beauty. , introducing images of tourism, culture, festivals, monuments, agricultural products, handicrafts, souvenirs to visitors.


The festival was held on 02 and 27 September 2019 at Po Sah Inu tower monument (Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet city) with many traditional ceremonies and unique festivals bearing Cham folklore. . With the meaning of preserving, preserving and promoting the national cultural heritage, and promoting the precious traditional beauty to domestic and foreign tourists.