Mui Ne is beautiful in winter

16/08/2018 2159 view
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With the time-lapse effect (a form of continuous shooting of multiple images and combining into video, fast-forwarding a lot faster than real-time), a Russian traveler has recorded beautiful images of nature and people. Mui Ne, Phan Thiet in the clip called Invisible Vietnam lasts more than 2 minutes.

In particular, the person who made this video uses a color shift after filming, making the clip unique to the two colors of white and blue, just as the scene is covered with a virtual layer of snow to delight the viewer.

Nature is constantly changing thanks to the little tricks.

Bringing Vietnamese people new experiences of winter and the beauty of the glaciation is the reason why foreigners make this clip.

Heavenly Mui Ne as freezing under the cold C-tone that the author cleverly arranged.

The cold and majestic winter in Mui Ne is portrayed live in Invisible Vietnam clip.