10 famous specialties of Binh Thuan land

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1. Com Phan Phan Thiet
Com loc is a pretty typical gift of Phan Thiet. Comppers are made from delicious roasted sticky rice sprung and sugar snails with pineapple and ginger. Like other types of nuggets, nuggets are made from glutinous rice. Roasted sticky rice, glutinous rice blooms into flowers called explosive seeds. According to experienced rice makers, the sticky and sticky rice is the most delicious and fragrant.
Nocturned for a long time, from 1-3 months, when used, cut the nuggets into 4 or 6 pieces, eat the taste is still delicious as when you just made it.
2. Phan Thiet fish sauce
Phan Thiet fish sauce is the juice extracted from salted fish is a delicious specialty of Binh Thuan, the southernmost province of Central Vietnam. Fish sauce in Phan Thiet is classified as "old village" and has been present in almost all domestic markets. The fish sauce here has been around since Phan Thiet's time called Tong Duc Thang (1809). The fish sauce makers then made many fish sauce and sold it in Dang Ngoai.
3. Ca Ty grilled chopped fish
Squid, the best specialties in Binh Thuan. Domestic and foreign tourists whenever coming here cannot miss this special dish. Squid must choose the ones just brought back from the sea to be fresh, fragrant and flexible white meat. Through the ingenious processing of experienced and skillful new chefs in the restaurant - Ca Ty Hotel has been processed into a very delicious rolls.
Enjoying squid spring rolls, you will feel the sun, the wind and the salty taste of Binh Thuan beach. Squid is caught from afar, with the ingredients from the sea after the chef's refined hands have become a typical dish of the sea, a pure Vietnamese dish.This dish is served with bread Shrimp patties with chili sauce.
4. Squid a sunny Phan Thiet
A sunny squid is abundant in tourist areas, but gourmets think this dish is the best in Phan Thiet. In this city, everywhere is met with a sunny squid dish, from the street food stalls to the restaurants of luxury resorts ...
People carefully selected ink leaves, sun exposure one day. Then, squid wrapped carefully and then chilled. Diners name the ink a sunny to distinguish it from dried squid and fresh ink ...
5. Binh Thuan dragon fruit
Wherever you go in Ham Thuan Nam - Binh Thuan province, you can also see immense green fields of dragon fruit. Dragon fruits here are not only many but also the most famous in the country because of the sweet sweetness.
Coming to Binh Thuan, you will be surprised with more than 20 different types of dishes such as dragon fruit salad, braised dragon fruit, young pork ribs, young dragon tea ... But the best dish is fried fried dragon fruit. The greasy taste of coconut milk blends with the sweetness of the ripe dragon fruit, creating a unique flavor. If you have once enjoyed, you can hardly confuse with other dishes.
6. Pig heart cake asked Phu Long
Coming to Binh Thuan, specifically Phu Long town, Ham Thuan Bac district, you will be surprised with the combination of where there is nothing between the question bread and pig heart. To create this dish "everyone remember it", the chef must be very sophisticated in a series of processing cake questions, how to boil the proportion of ingredients in the tamarind sauce served with.
7. Cauldron straps
Cauldron straps are not only sold in markets, big and small roads, but you can also easily enjoy at the beaches of this land like Mui Ne, Hon Rom ...
Cauldron cake attracts visitors in the flour layer, smooth, smooth, com attractive red shrimp peel. But the factor that makes tourists want to eat again is the cup of fish sauce made from the famous local fish sauce or the steamy, smooth fish ball.
8. Squid teeth
In Binh Thuan, grilled squid teeth are a local specialty as well as familiar snacks for teenagers. The appeal of this dish is not in the shape but in the tough, crunchy taste with baked rice paper, chili sauce.
9. Grilled rice paper with fish sauce
The rice paper for this dish is rice paper with black sesame seeds. The seller will get rice paper, spread a little fish sauce, add quail eggs with citrus, spring rolls, fish cakes, scallions and grill on small charcoal fire. When the cake is cooked to a certain level, the chef will use a small bamboo stick, rolled slowly into a small trumpet so that the ingredients are all wrapped in that beautiful little book.
10. Fish ball soup
The appeal of Phan Thiet fish cake soup in addition to the pieces of fish cake is fried or steamed white is the small filamentous bread soup with milky white color. If you enjoy this dish in Binh Thuan, do not forget to try the strange combination between bread and broth of the people here.

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