Fishermen Show - Legend of Fishing Village

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Fishermen Show - Legend of Fishing Village shows on the musical stage both bring the beauty of fishing village culture, combining contemporary dance arts, lighting effects and high-tech water music. This is a unique highlight of Mui Ne (Binh Thuan) tourism to serve the needs of tourists at night.
The Fishermen Show script was created according to the fantasy (fantasy) school, imbued with Phan Thiet fishing village culture with fishing people, basket boat, Nam Hai prayers ... and at the same time integrating many entertainment elements, myths to promote the hard work of the fishermen and their dream of conquering the sea. With the love of intense life, the fishermen moved the love of the beautiful sea princess. The story is a metaphorical image of the ability to adapt and conquer the nature of our fathers, fishermen on the night.

The unique feature of the Fishermen Show is the programmed music stage with digital sprinklers driven by high-powered submersible pumps. In addition, the lighting and colors of the stage are also carefully invested with thousands of 256-color LEDs. Viewers will be pleased to enjoy special effects from the water music stage with giant water screens, rising sea waves, chasing each other ... recreating the scene of fishing villages and the sea. Throughout the show, the scenes were choreographed and transcribed with Panasonic's DLP (digital light processing) technology, which processes light digitally, featured on a half-moon water screen.



With English narration (with Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese subtitles) between the performances and the excellent expression of the characters' characters with contemporary choreography, international visitors can feel it easily. Easy content of this unique art show.
The Fishermen Show has a total investment of more than $ 2 million, with about 60 people including crews, local dancers, director groups, screenwriters, choreographers, designers, costumes, sound, lighting, stage effects, narration, voiceover. The show is the result of serious investment in the smallest details from content such as lyrics, dialogue, acting of actors to forms such as costumes, props, sound effects. , light, smoke, fire, water ... with talented hands and high aesthetics of the professional designers at home and abroad. The Legend of Fishing Village portrays the desire to conquer the sea and the pursuit of happiness of the fishermen in the sea, impressing them deeply and deeply in the hearts of viewers

Fishermen Show - Legend of Fishing Village takes place at 20:00 from Wednesday to Sunday at Phan Thiet Fishing Water Theater with 1,200 seats. Within 60 minutes, the show consists of 6 main chapters:
Chapter 1: Ceremony for fishing Nam Than Hai and going out to sea
Chapter 2: The mysterious ocean
Chapter 3: The fisherman and the sea princess
Chapter 4: The dark power of the deep sea
Chapter 5: The help of the sea gods
Chapter 6: The triumph of fishing people
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