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The southernmost land of Central Vietnam has many historical and cultural relics but with Linh Son longevity on Ta Cu mountain (Ham Thuan Nam district - Binh Thuan province) has a unique identity. From natural landscapes to legends such as blending together, Ta Cu is more wild and charming. Ta Cu Monument is located at the focal point of transport routes: From Ho Chi Minh City and the roads from Vung Tau to Binh Chau hot spring, Thay Thim Palace, Dien Khe Chicken Cape ...
Ta Cu Temple relic is located at the focal point of traffic routes: From Ho Chi Minh City or from Vung Tau to Binh Chau hot spring, Thay Thim Palace, Khe Ga Cape ... very convenient From Ho Chi Minh City along the National Road 1A, the road is about 170km long and stops at 28 km from Phan Thiet. 2 km to the foot of Ta Cu Mountain, a place associated with the cultural and historical relics of Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda, which is rich in ancient style, set amidst the scenery of the mountains and clouded clouds. Visitors will be amazed when standing in front of the ancient pagoda scene, the thoughtful Buddha image and the sacred sign of O Sensei from the painting opening over 130 years ago.
Pilgrims to the Mountain Pagoda not only devote themselves to the Buddha and the Lord but also to immerse themselves in the beautiful natural landscape to see peace of mind.
If sitting on the Cable Car Cabin, you can see the whole view of nearly half of the mountain. Below is the town of Thuan Nam embracing in the heart of National Highway 1A with bustling traffic and ripe red dragon fruit orchards planted in straight lines. In the distance is Ke Ga lighthouse printed on the vast blue sea. Cabin take guests gently glide over the ancient trees, sometimes through the clouds flying still damp mist to think you are in the middle of the fairy scene.
If by road to the mountain to climb thousands of winding stone steps, threaded through the thousands of new leaves to Long Doan Pagoda and To Pagoda. Linh Son Truong Tho pagoda area is located halfway up the mountain at an altitude of 420m above sea level, in harmony with the natural picture made of rocks, streams, quiet forest trees in front of a buddha statue lying in the middle of the forest mayor. Standing under the shadow of the great millennium looking east, you can see the small island of Hon Ba in La Gi in the immense sea.
Ta Cu mountain is a national nature reserve forest with abundant flora and fauna with more than a dozen rare species named in the world's red books such as the stone lizard Gekko takouensis sp. nov. Corn & Gamble, Cyrtodactylus takouensis Corn & Bauer, grouse, mountain kite, Truong Son silver langur, black-shanked douc ... precious plants such as Afzelia xylocarpa, Irvingia malayana ... and over 150 kinds of medicinal plants. Every spring, yellow apricot blossom and red flower bloom fragrantly in the forest, the mountains have many streams pouring water almost squeezed out of the rock and the sweetness of the water makes pilgrims think that it is okay. drink the nectar in legend.
The road to the mountain pagoda is longer than 2500m, through many steep ramps with many impressive landmarks. At the beginning there was Da Ban Ha and Da Ban Thuong and there were people called Ong Dia Stone, next to there was a murmuring stream of wool at the foot of a large rock worshiping the Earth God. The more you climb up the steep slope, the more you will meet the Bang Bang Lang because there are many Bang Bang trees around here, flowers bloom in purple at a corner of the forest, followed by Yen Ngua slope with a large stone block as flat as a counter lying on the slot. the stream called Gieng Tien reminds pilgrims to imagine a chess board of fairies who have not yet left.
Ta Cu mountain tourist area is now a place to attract a lot of tourists come here to explore, participate in recreational games and Buddhist pilgrimage. If you have the opportunity to come to the beloved city of Phan Thiet, try once to visit the Ta Cu mountain resort - a new but very attractive place for millions of domestic and foreign tourists.
Or visitors can take the cable car to save you time, only about 15 minutes to reach the peak. Sitting in the cable car cabin, you can enjoy and admire the green trees, the blooming dong trees, panoramic view of nearly half of the mountain, below is the town of Thuan Nam embracing in my heart. Highway 1A with bustling traffic and ripe red dragon fruit orchards are planted in straight lines.
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