The teacher's home Phan Thiet 130 years old and the occult!

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An impressive location of Teacher Thay Phan Phan Thiet
Thay Thim Palace, with a history of more than 130 years, is a relic that is not only valuable in many aspects: culture, history, sculpture art but also has many spiritual and intangible meanings. Not only for tourists, but even for the residents of Binh Thuan, Thay Thim Palace also brings many mysteries.
Thay Thim Palace is almost included in the tour of the tourists to Phan Thiet. Located in Tan Hai commune, La Gi town, Binh Thuan province and about 70km from Phan Thiet center.
Set amidst a quiet, quiet forest separate from everyday life, Thay Thim's Palace became more and more settled and solemn in the midst of the fanciful natural scenery.
Today, after years of restoration and development, Thay Thim Palace is not only a place for tourists to worship, but also a place for tourists to admire, visit a peaceful mountain and sea landscape, learn literature. chemistry, history of the land of Lagi.
Unique architecture of Thay Thim Palace
It has the appearance of a village communal house with many main works going to the West such as: Tam Quan, Vo ca, main hall, Tien Hien church, Hau Hien church, Ong Ho temple, Thanh Hoang temple, Traditional room. , etc. .... Dinh Thay Thuy clearly shows the royal architectural style through the art carvings and interior decoration.
The architecture of the palace bears the impression of an old house with compartments arranged in a certain order. The curved red roof tiles, the statues embossed on the walls, on the columns, on the roofs restored by Hue artisans, and the rich paintings in the courtyard make visitors feel like a place to find glass miss ancestors. Feeling in that old house, there are grandparents and grandchildren waiting for their children to visit and wish him well. But the sacred, solemnity is still evident through pairs of dragons in one direction, one direction on the pillars in the yard, in the clear bell ringing.
Thay Thim Palace always attracts lovers of ancient Vietnamese architecture because it always contains ancient and very artistic features. Tourists visiting Thay Thim's Palace are not only attracted by the architecture or the scenery but also attracted by the stories associated with this place. Promoting the humanity from the kindness of a talented Taoist who lives modestly and for those around him, the story considered the legend associated with the formation of Thay Thim Palace is not only valid for the past. but continue to promote that valuable value up to the present time.
About Dinh heard old stories ...
The palace area is filled with the shade of ancient trees, some old-haired old men sit and tell stories of old times or play chess. The feeling of peace, refreshment rushed back with the slight breeze, far away from the deep green hills and clouds and clear sky, faintly scent of young rice, the feeling of peace, tranquility, washed away all worries, sorrow of life.
The burial area is not in the palace but about 3km to the west. The way to the green tomb area with the rice fields, with the dragon fruit gardens are flowering, somewhere the clear pond of ducks floss in the cool water.
In the tomb area, the ancient oil trees are intermingled with the canopy, nacre, giving visitors the feeling of walking in the forest with the rustling of leaves and the sound of the wind. Four graves (two tombs of the aunt and the two graves of black, white tiger) are covered with fine white sand, soaring high.
Visitors to Thay Thim Palace may pray for luck, peace or be able to sightseeing and add a simple but meaningful destination to their excursions notebook, everyone can experience the lightness of an education about the way of life of people, making a great contribution in creating the core value of the communal architecture of this unique temple of Thay Thay Dinh.
Big festivals of the Teacher Thay's Palace:
Tao Mo Ceremony: takes place on the first day of the first lunar month every year.
Feast of the Autumn Festival: (Commemoration Feast) lasts from 14 - 16 September in the lunar calendar every year.
On these occasions, besides offering incense smoke, people and pilgrims often organize attractive activities such as: rice-laden rowing, Master's performance, martial arts performances, and lion dance competition. , please bud me, release the birds to the forest, do charity work, ... to pay respect and seek peace for the soul.
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