Mui Ke Ga - A destination not to be missed when traveling to Phan Thiet

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Ke Ga is located in Tan Thanh commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, about 30 km from Phan Thiet.

If Phan Thiet is famous for beautiful beaches, long white fine sand, then Mui Ke Ga has more strange stones arranged in various shapes to create curiosity for visitors.

This place is not one of the familiar destinations for Vietnamese tourists because Ke Ga is still quite wild and remote, but many young people who travel to the bush prefer to come here to feel the peaceful atmosphere and visit the lighthouse. Vietnam's oldest post.

A special feature of Mui Ke Ga is that there are unique rocks lying undulating in the sea. The indigenous people have long compared these rocks to a rock garden. The name of Mui Ke Ga was born because the stones had gradually invaded into the sea, and it was unknown which magic hand had accidentally arranged them into a shape that looked almost like a chicken's head.

When visiting Mui Ke Ga, you should not miss Mui Dien, which is located not more than 500m from the shore. The lighthouse on Mui Ne was designed by French engineer Chnavat and is famous for being the tallest and longest lighthouse in Southeast Asia.

Not only important in sea transport, Ke Ga Lighthouse is also a unique attraction. Visitors who want to visit the lighthouse can take a boat to Hon Ba, then climb up to the lighthouse for panoramic views.

The people guarding the light are always ready to use the basket boat to bring tourists to visit the lighthouse. At dusk, indigenous people often catch seafood near the shore and hold markets along the coast. Ke Ga Chicken is praised by many travelers as a strange sea that cannot be missed. 

Ke Ga - where the blue sea and the clear sky without a cloud like blending into one.

If you want to find a place to be able to change the wind on the weekends, or somewhere deserted during the holidays, what are you waiting for without "backpacking up and going" traveling Mui Ke Ga right away and always.

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