Dinh Van Thuy Tu - An interesting stop when visiting Phan Thiet Binh Thuan

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Geographical location of Dinh Van Thuy Tu

Normally, the Dinh Van will be built along the coast near fishing villages. Dinh Van Thuy Tu was built by fishermen at the time of the Year of the Horse in 1762 to worship the whale god, also known as Ca Ong. Coming to Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, tourists can admire many temples of this type of palace. The palace was built by people to pray for peace, calm waves and go out to sea to get more shrimp and fish.
Up to now, Van Thuy Tu is one of the most ancient of thousands of marine professions in Binh Thuan, the palace is located at Ngu Ong Street, Duc Thang Ward, Phan Thiet City.
Dinh Van Thuy Tu is recognized as a national historical monument
Coming to Dinh Van Thuy Tu, tourists will admire the extremely unique architecture of this ancient ancient wall. The main temple, Tien Hien, Vo Ca houses are arranged in the shape of Tam facing the East. Initially, when the construction was completed, the gate was adjacent to the sea, but so far the coast is about 100 meters away from the door. Inside the thousands still retain many Han - Nom heritage, with diaphragm, sentences are carved on the common rose.
The center of the front is to worship Nam Nam God On the left is the place to worship Mr. Thuy (the ancestor of sea fishing), the right hand is for the worship of Ba Thuy. Behind the Main Palace is the location of the Tien Vong house, this place worships the gentle and gentle ancestors, including those who had brought many merits during the construction of the village and established ten thousand
Palace of Dinh Van Thuy Tu
In front of the Vo Ca house is a place where often organize bumper songs on the occasion of ten thousand festivals.
Inside the grounds of Van Thuy Tu is large, formerly buried his fish when ashore. According to the culture here, you have to wait until 3 years when carrying the funeral to get the bones to be impregnated. The people will take the first Fish to be the head, with a thoughtful burial task so that after 3 years of worshiping and funeral. Visitors to easily feel the worship of Ca Ong here is not different from the custom of worshiping people.
When visiting the palace, tourists will see nearly 100 whale skeletons of different sizes and types. There are skeletons bearing the age of 100-150 years that people keep and worship very seriously.
In 1996, Dinh Van Thuy Tu was classified as a national historical monument.
Cultural festival imbued with the identity of the coastal people
On the occasion of February and August of the lunar calendar each year, the people of Phan Thiet and Binh Thuan again celebrate spring and autumn sacrifice at Van Thuy Tu. In addition, ten thousand also have important ceremonies during the year such as: Te Xuan Spring (February 20 in lunar calendar), Ha Nghe Festival (April 20 in lunar calendar to pray for favorable rain and wind) Te Thu festival (on July 20th of the lunar calendar for offerings of longitudinal rowing) The Feast of the Season (August 25 of the lunar calendar). For each ceremony, the people here solemnly organize, perform, sing and exchange business. In addition, among the ten thousand also held a very exciting boat racing festival.
Tourists coming to Dinh Van Thuy Tu will admire and enjoy the festivals associated with the formation history of Phan Thiet City of Binh Thuan Province. The class of fishermen here is considered a builder of the sea "on the wharf under the boat", developing fishing and fishing. It is also famous for the traditional processing of fragrant fish sauce in the region.
The beauty is hard to ignore from the house of long-standing architecture
Up to now, the palace in Thuy Tu village is considered one of the oldest temples of Binh Thuan, among the thousands of cultural heritage related to sea fishing are worshiped by the people here. The spiritual beauty attracts tourists with the quiet and mysterious beauty dating back nearly 236 years. The biggest difference of the temples in Van Thuy Tu is the whale skeletons with ancient dating, the largest and longest skeletons have been preserved for nearly 200 years.
Whale skeleton at Dinh Thuy Thuy Tu
At the communal house, the ancient Chinese characters were engraved with sharp and recorded the chronological time on the bronze bell "Tu Duc II, the fifties of the five years, the spring of the year of the Year of the Body, Thuy Tu Van, the Bong of Dong Van Dong". Translation: "This bell was cast in the 25th year of Tu Duc (Nham Than 1872). Up to the present time is 146 years. At Van Thuy Tu, there are 24 miracles of the deceased kings. These decoctions are made of paper, dating back more than 150 years.
In terms of overall architecture, Dinh Van Thuy Tu has the four pillars architecture, the system of trusses, pillars and compartments are designed with four pillars of precious and elaborate wood. . Up to now, the architecture here still retains its primitive beauty.
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