Fishing village: peaceful features in the middle of city life

09/12/2019 2963 view
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As noisy and bustling as the rhythm of life in high-end resorts on the coast of Phan Thiet city. However, the daily work of people in coastal Mui Ne is the sound of labor of fishermen in fishing villages. A new day on the beach in fishing villages is very exciting. On the coast, small barns wait for boats to dock. Under the sea, the rowers who were still soaked in sea water rushed to the basket. After each fishing trip, the boats of fishermen anchored far away, at this time, the basket is the most effective means to transport seafood from boats to the shore. So every boat always has 1 to 3 baskets to do this job. Just waiting for this time, the owners of the barns quickly stood by the side of the water to bring the fish to the shore. Previously this trading scene took place right on the coast, now thanks to information technology, all fluctuations and prices are sold by the owner quickly by mobile phone right after catching the net off the sea. Along the beach of Mui Ne, the sound of trading seemed to dispel the misty air of early morning. The sound of life in the lakeshore begins a new day like that. It has been repeated for hundreds of years. The seafood here is always fresh, which people are familiar with called net fish. The characteristic of coastal fishing in Mui Ne is only a day and night. Normally, people start their journey in the evening and end at dawn.
Speaking of fishing village life, we cannot help but mention fishing villages in Ham Tien and Mui Ne areas of Phan Thiet city. The fishing villages here, now are not merely making sea to make a living, but the fishermen here are both fishing and traveling. This is a unique feature in the fishing village of Ham Tien - Mui Ne. The reason for saying this is because most of the products caught in the sea are mostly sold to tourists but not at markets like before. Not only selling fresh seafood, people in the fishing village also process fresh food from their own products.
The fishing village of Mui Ne is not only peaceful and charming by its unique natural landscape, but also contains many bustling rhythms of coastal life. If the sea in the early morning is quiet with hundreds of boats like sleeping under the sky full of magic blue, then when the sunset falls into the sea shimmering with light silver, each boat is a rustic silence. Phan Thiet tourism city is a locality with long-standing and famous fishery. Therefore, to visit Phan Thiet, tourists love to learn and discover things related to the sea as making fish sauce, processing specialty seafood and especially fishing villages.
Temporarily putting aside the daily worries, visitors and you once visit the fishing villages in Phan Thiet, to admire the colorful multicolored paintings from nature and the sound of the fishing village's rhythm.